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Psychology Assignment 3-5 Pages Due July 05, 2014




Prior to any psychological assessment process, a clinician needs to formulate a clear assessment “question” or hypothesis in order to ensure that the information he or she receives from the assessment is useful. For example, if a child is referred for an assessment because of concerns about his or her behavior or for academic problems in school, one of the hypotheses or questions a clinician might pose are, “Does this child’s cognitive abilities meet the current academic demands?” This question may help determine the type of psychological test used in the assessment process, if any, a clinician might request and what additional recommendations might be needed.


For this Assignment, review the interactive media, Virtual Client, video link: . Review the presenting problem and create an assessment question. Consider any additional questions that you might formulate. Analyze the two psychological tests recommended to assess the client’s needs.


The Assignment (3–5 pages):


· Create an assessment question for your client based on the client’s problem and the two articles provided. Consider any additional questions you might ask based upon the presenting problem.


· Critically analyze the two tests attached below.


· Compare the strengths and limitations of each test.


· Select the test which is most effective in answering the assessment question and justify your selection.


· Explain any insights you had or conclusions you drew based upon the comparison.



Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resou

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